Series VII

Series VII Lube Oil System

Enhance Performance & Extend Equipment Life  

The Series VII Lube Oil System is specifically designed as an auxiliary lube oil system module to provide continuous lubrication for turbomachinery in critical applications. With a standardized design, this versatile system can also be customized with options based on your specific requirements. The results? A system designed for your needs while vastly increasing bearing and shaft life resulting in reduced maintenance and superior unit reliability.


  • Compact, self contained unit
    makes installation a breeze.
  • Tailored to suit various
    applications seamlessly.
  • Keep temperatures in check
    with our standard, water cooled,
    heat exchanger.
  • Ensure smooth operation and
    efficient lubrication.


  • Pre-engineered options to meet
    your precise specifications.
  • Compatible with a wide range
    of turbines and rotating
  • Dual filter arrangement to
    transfer ‘on the fly’.
  • Stainless steel components ensure durability for long lasting performance.