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We have comprehensive knowledge in the turbomachinery equipment, storage, and field service industries, covering Oil & Gas, and all heavy industrial segments (Industrial gases, Automotive, Pulp & Paper, Beverage, Chemical, Steel, Mining, etc.)

We specialize in all centrifugal compressors ranging from 125 HP-25,000 HP with extensive knowledge with Joy, Elliott, Cameron, Ingersoll Rand, and Atlas Copco compressors. Our surplus inventory of industrial compressors and compressor rotors are available for refurbishment, re-rating, as well as replacement parts. We also manufacture a full range of new compression parts. RKTM offers competitive pricing on complete rotors or single impellers. Let us match your application with our inspection service that verifies the metallurgy and dimensions to your specific needs. 

 We can build from drawings! Call us today and let our accomplished staff help you with your compressor needs. 

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Revak Keene is the largest independent Turbomachinery and Industrial storage provider in the United States! Reach out to one of our associates if you need assistance with your turbomachinery, or have industrial storage needs today.

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